About Wheel Dog

Wheel Dog League

We help turn dog sledding newbies into accomplished mushers, who love spending time outside with their dog!

Our only goal is to help owners have fun dog sledding with their family pet.

If you want to enjoy being active with your dog, experience the magic of dog sledding, and highlight your dog sledding accomplishments then we can definitely help you do that.
Unlike other dog sledding associations, our sole focus is on the recreational musher. The family that loves being outdoors with their dog, and who wants to find a way to keep them involved in family activities…and have a lot of fun while they’re at it!

While you may have the call of the wild in your soul, there’s no reason your family dog can’t play their part. You don’t have to go out and buy a team of huskies, move to the country, and log 25 miles a day to enjoy this sport. You and your dog can have a lot of fun learning this sport together, all breeds and ages are welcome!

The two founders that created Wheel Dog, bring a wealth of knowledge competing and training in multiple dog sports, and associations. That’s given us a lot of experience finding what we love about certain associations, and what in the long term has discouraged us from continuing. In the creation of this new league, we hope to bring that knowledge together. To form a fun league where you can learn, train, and compete. Where you can continue to grow your skills while accomplishing your goals along the way.

Even surpassing the self-limitations we all put on ourselves as to what we can achieve.

Taking the best of what we’ve seen work in other sports and events, we hope to bring you the best experience possible when competing with us.

Why was Wheel Dog formed?

There are many great dog sledding organizations out there. So, why did we feel the need to start something new?

Quite simply, we felt there was a need when it comes to recreational mushers, people in love with the sport, but just starting out. We couldn’t really find anyone that was catering to newbies.

Maybe you don’t have a team of 10 dogs at home.

Maybe your dog isn’t a northern breed with a lineage born to pull.

Maybe you’ve never done anything like this before.

And that’s great! We all have to start somewhere.

But, no one was gearing their events for you.

Experienced mushers, serious competitors, and enthusiasts are very passionate about sharing their love of the sport. They’ve created amazing race-based programs to teach and develop up and coming talent. They’ve spent time running club days, answering questions for junior competitors, and volunteering hours and hours of time to make those organizations work.

But, that can be a little intimidating to walk into!

If you’re just starting, and you have your family’s 3-year-old rescue pup that needs a job to keep out of trouble. You’re tired of him pulling you around the block on-leash. You’re looking for a positive outlet to make daily walks fun again.

You might be thinking of competing down the road, and we’d absolutely encourage you to do that.

But, that might be a step too big to think about right now.

We get it! It’s very intimidating to walk into that race environment. Even if your dog is trained, you know all the rules, and you’re ready for it.

You’re still are interested in the sport and what it can do for your relationship with your dog.

You still want a way to track your progress. To see where you stand in the pack. Some sort of measure to gauge if your training plan is working.

That’s where the Wheel Dog League comes in.

We know not everyone is ultra-competitive, so racing doesn’t hold the same appeal.

We know some of you are dealing with reactive or sensitive dogs, so you’re naturally are a little warry of the racing environment.

And we know, that sometimes your schedule doesn’t allow for traveling to remote or distant locations to race.

So we wanted to provide an option where you could still participate in this fun sport, but do it in a more flexible environment.

One that still allowed you to gauge and track your progress, but without the pressure of race day.

So, that’s why Wheel Dog was formed.

To create a welcoming, fun-focused league where you could meet like-minded owners. Learn more about the sport. Challenge yourself to push past your pre-conceived limits. Not to mention, putting a smile on the face of everyone who sees you training.

Wheel Dog will definitely help you enjoy being active with your dog, experience the magic of dog sledding, and help you mark your sledding achievements!

We look forward to seeing you on the trails!