Full Out Fun For Your Dog With A Side Of Kamikaze Cruising

If your dog loves to run full out, and often looks back at you imploringly to stop slowing him down – let me introduce you both to bikejoring.

I’m going to hazard a guess that if you’re reading this you have a very high energy dog. They love to run, chase, and play until they collapse on the floor right around bed time. You love them for their energy, but oh boy somedays…

Even if you’re super active yourself (marathon runner, yoga class queen, or love a short 5 mile hike on the weekend) that doesn’t mean you can keep pace with your dog. Those shorter legs are deceptive, they can run circles around you even while carrying a 15 lb pack on a hill with a 45° gradient.

Whether they were bred to pull sleds for thousands of miles, hunt in the field all day, or have the tenacity to track down the grumpiest of vermin – they were bred to move thank you very much. And that’s just what they plan to do.

So, if a bum knee has you struggling to give them the positive outlet they need, bikejoring is a great option to meet both of your needs.

Your dog shouldn’t miss out on the fun they spend all day dreaming of, just because you weren’t gifted with Usain Bolt speed and Ironman stamina. Enter bikejor!

Doesn't this make you want to try!

Bikejoring is a sport where you hook your dog up to your bike – outfit them with a properly fit harness and bungee line – and have them provide some extra power to your bike rides. The bike will finally give you the ability to keep up with them – and give you the cruise of a lifetime!

Best of all, you probably already have a bike that will work to go with them.

If you’re ready to give it a try, download our free Cues & Commands Cheatsheet so you know exactly what cues to teach them.

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