Giving American Dogs A Better Life, One Trail At A Time

While Canicross is a very popular sport in Europe, it hasn’t seen the same enthusiasm in North America.


We have to think it’s because no one knows what it is! Or it would be the fastest growing sport in the United States.

In North America most people have heard of the Iditarod, and know what dog sledding is. But they don’t know as much about its lesser-known cousin – Canicross.

If you don’t plan on selling your home, moving to a colder climate, building a massive kennel structure, and buying 40 dogs, dog sledding can seem a little out of reach. This is where Canicross comes in!

If you’re an average pet owner with one to two dogs, Canicross is a great way for you (and your dogs) to thrill of dog sledding from the comfort of your current town. Making it a lot more accessible!

Canicross is simply running (or walking) with your dog attached to a waist belt. Put a harness on your dog, and encourage them to pull. Something that (let’s be honest) comes pretty naturally to our canine friends.

They give you a little extra boost as you run down the trail. Adding some excitement to the traditional evening walk. Just be warned it is addictive!

There’s nothing quite as cool as running down your neighborhood sidewalk, telling your dog to “Haw” at the intersection while they flawlessly turn left and cross the street. And, they did it right in front of the neighbor that’s always giving you “training tips”…yet doesn’t own a dog of their own. Double win!

if you’ve found yourself far away from the northern tundra, but would still like to enjoy the thrill of mushing – isn’t it time you tried Canicross?

If you’d like to learn how you can teach your own dog to canicross down main street USA, first you’ll need to teach them the cues. Download our free Cues & Commands Cheatsheet and get started this week!

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