Run A Canicross Race Without Ever Leaving Your Town…so you never have to wake up at 3 am to get ready for a race ever again

Most mushers aren’t excited about having to wake up early to head to a race. You do it because to love racing your dog, not because you love waking up early. The biggest problem most handlers face, is trying to fit in as many dog sports and events in a week as humanly possible…and then some.

We love doing stuff with our dogs. Canicross of course, but also waling them, teaching them tricks, taking them on road trips, and snuggling on the couch. Whatever we’re doing, they’re beside us. Or we wish they could be.

But, often the world has other plans for us. Your husband, your boss, and your house – they all demand a piece of your time.

And while sure, you know that laundry has to be done, groceries bought…oh, and show up on time for work. Let’s face it that’s not what excites you in the morning when you wake up. So, how can you fit in all your “have-to-do” stuff while still enjoying your “want-to-do” dog stuff?

Enter virtual canicross races!

Racing fun for the hopelessly busy!

With Wheel Dog virtual racing (Challenges) you decide when your race starts, you decide where to run it, and you decide the distance.

Unlike a physical race, where you have to scramble to book time off work, pay for a hotel (or hook up the travel trailer). Pack for yourself and the dogs for days on end. Is there enough room for everything in the truck?

Not to mention the worry of all the actual race day stuff!

You know, like:

  • Are my dogs recovered from traveling
  • What if I have trouble finding the race site
  • Are my dogs ready for the mass start
  • Is the weather going to hold for our class

Virtual racing makes all that go away.

If a dog isn’t feeling well, you run another day. No snow? Take the bike instead. Wanted to run four dogs, but your husband wants to take two hunting – take the scooter. Can’t get the time off work? Go at night.

Virtual racing gives you the flexibility and life balance we all need.

So, you can enjoy your mushing sports and have a life too!

If you’d like to give a virtual canicross race a try, join Wheel Dog and sign up for an upcoming Challenge.

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