How To Get Started In Dog Scootering in 2022

You and your trail buddies have mastered the mushing basics with your Canicross groundwork, but now you’re ready to add some speed to your outings. Introducing dog scootering (scooterjor)!

Scooterjor is the lesser known mushing sport that owners can do with their dogs. More owners are familiar with Bikejoring, but if you want to run (or race!) two dogs, you really need to know about scooterjor.

Scooterjor is a sport where your dog (or dogs) pull a specialty off-road scooter. You can pedal to help them, or just go along for the ride (if they’re willing to give you a ride). The major racing organizations only allow one dog per bike when entered in a race, so if you want to race with two dogs, give scooterjor a try!

How many dogs do you want to run?

Dryland Race Matrix

The number of dogs alone doesn’t have to be your deciding factor. Some handlers feel the scooter gives them more control than a bike. So, don’t be afraid to give it a try even if you only have one dog.

Personally, I prefer the scooter for my slower dog, and bike for my faster dog.

Dog Safe Scooter

You’ll want a mushing-specific scooter with large tires, disc brakes, and a solid build. A trick scooter like your teenager uses isn’t a safe option for scooterjoring with your dog.

So, do a quick Google search for a “dog scooter” and pick the brand of your choice.

Then it’s time to join Wheel Dog and start working towards your first Title together.

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