Why Should I Care About IFSS?

Most Wheel Dog members don’t want to race, so why should they care about the IFSS?

First, maybe we should mention what the IFSS is – no?

International Federation of Sleddog Sports

IFSS stands for International Federation of Sleddog Sports. It’s an international sanctioning body for dog sledding sports. It was created to try to gain Olympic recognition for the sport. While it isn’t the only governing body, it does sanction many of the big-name races (especially in Europe).

So, again why should you care if you aren’t going to race?

While most of our members do not race, and many are new to the sport, they do need to know what’s “safe” for participating in the sport. IFSS is a great resource that captures the general rules of thumb of the worldwide races.

So, if you want to know:

  • What’s a good length for your lines
  • How many dogs are safe to run with different vehicles (skis, bike, scooter, cart, sled)
  • What temperatures is it safe to race at
  • How far should you run your dogs
  • What age is it safe to start running your dog (hard/racing)
  • What classes can you race in, if you get hooked
  • What are you expected to do if you find a loose dog during a group training day (or race)
  • What should you do if another musher wants to pass you on the trail
  • What should you do if your dog refuses to pull

You shouldn’t have to re-invent the wheel when learning mushing…and you don’t have to! So skip the trial and error, and check out the IFSS Race Rule Regulations to get a jump start on all those important questions.

Go to the IFSS Document Library and click on Regulations > Race Rules to check it out.

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