Are You Ready To Hit The Trail?

Just imagine, the sun is starting to sneak above the horizon. Revealing a cloudless sky. The forecast for this morning is perfect.

You can hear the whap whap of your dogs tail wagging in the hall, ready to greet you.

You pull on your running gear, a warm sweater to break the cool morning air. You smile a little as you open the door to greet your four-legged pal.

Together you try to quietly walk down the hall, careful not to wake the whole house. You side step that part of the floor that always squeaks and make your way into the kitchen.

A quick breakfast for both of you, extra coffee for you.

Now you’re ready to hit the trails.

Your dog practically grabs the leash and puts it on themselves. You prepped the night before and all your gear’s waiting in the car for you. 
After a quick check that you grabbed some water for both of you, it’s time to go! Your dog bursts out the door making a dash for the car.
In they jump. You slide in after them.
This morning it’s just you, your dog, and a sunrise trip down your favorite trail. 
The only unknown?
Will you be the first person at the trail head?

Lifetime Membership $24.97

Who Should Become A Member?

If you’ve always been fascinated by dog sledding and think it looks like a lot of fun, you’ll love being a part of our fun group of like minded mushers!

Wheel Dog is focused on recreational mushing. Mushers who have one or two family dogs. And who want to give the sport a try.

We are open to all dog breeds, abilities, and experience.

We have a few streams that our members like to participate in. Our Title program is a great choice for people who want to go their own speed, who want a way to track their success, and want to receive recognition for their training and miles.

Our Challenge program is for those who like a little more structure. Mushers who need to have a goal in mind to encourage them to keep going, who enjoy pushing themselves to accomplish something, and maybe even those who want to have a little friendly competition with their friends.

In order to participate in these Wheel Dog events, you’ll need to become a member. Join our league today!

What Do You Get With Membership?

Membership gives you the ability to enter any of Wheel Dog’s programs. 
It’s the first step to your new mushing addiction!
By joining, you’ll have access to our Milestone, Title, and Challenge programs.
Where you can earn your badges, ribbons, or medals to mark the success of your team on the trails.
wheel dog league programs

What Do You Need To Sign Up?

How do you sign up?

It’s pretty quick and easy!

Click the join now button below.

Membership costs a one-time US$24.97 fee.

We’ll send you an email asking for your team name, and to fill out our waiver.

That’s it!

We’ll send you your membership number, and you’re ready to log your first mile.

Where Are The Events Held?

All the events are virtual at this time.

So, you pick the trail, distance, difficulty, and the speed you want to go.

You submit your runs, we do the rest!

We log your runs, let you know when you’ve reached specific milestones, and track your success!

Our members come from around the world and are open to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

You’ll never have to miss an event due to a change in work schedule again!

When Do I Have To Sign Up?

You must sign up before you can log any of your miles with Wheel Dog.

You do not need to be a member to take the classes in our Drivers Ed program, but when you’re ready to start working towards your first Title, or participate in a Challenge, you need to join!

Membership is a one-time fee, and covers our administrative costs for the League.

Are Miles Tracked By The Dog, Team, Or Musher?

Since our events are virtual, we are not able to confirm what dog (or combination of dogs) are joining you on the trail. For that reason, all miles are logged by the Musher. Your team name can be seen by the public, and can include your dog’s name or your own. But, at this time they are not recorded on your dog’s record.
Sadly, most of us outlive our dogs, so as your team changes (or grows) we don’t want to anchor your records to an ever changing team. 
For example, if you have two dogs, on Monday you could log a run with Dog #1 only, Wednesday could be Dog #1 & #2, and Friday could be Dog #2 only. You could even go without your dog if you choose…but where’s the fun in that?
We are also not tracking your miles specifically by sport, so you can mix-and-match bikejor, scootering, canicross or sledding to your hearts content! 

Lifetime Membership $24.97