Resolved: Special Offer


For our final Resolved Challenge of 2021, we wanted to create a special offer for the family and friends of our current members. Maybe you’ve seen all the fun they’ve been having, maybe you think your dog would really enjoy the sport, or…maybe you just like the shiny medal!

Whatever your reason, we wanted to give you a great deal and get you started in this fun sport while this year. No waiting for that New Year’s Resolution. If you have some holidays, or just need a good excuse for some alone time during the holiday season, we can help you with that.

Register for Resolved Challenge in December, and we’re going to waive our regular $29.97 membership free.

Your dog would love to have some more one-on-one time, and we’d like to help you give it to him.


Coming in at 25 Miles, you’ll complete the equivalent of a sprint race within the 30 day Challenge Period. Quite an accomplishment for your regular house pet!

We introduced this Challenge in January 2021. We aren’t a fan of the traditional “resolution” that you sort of randomly pick at midnight on New Year’s Eve, but we are BIG fans of setting goals and exceeding your wildest dreams. So, this is the RESOLVED Challenge, you aren’t making a resolution, you’re resolved to make a change in your life. Resolved to improve your relationship with your dog. And resolved to hit the trails more often.

If that sounds like you, this is a perfect Challenge to give you the motivation you need to stick to that resolution!

Challenge Summary:

25 Mile Challenge

Challenge Begins: December 1, 2021

Challenge Ends: January 9, 2021

Entry Period: November 29 – December 5th

Availability: In stock


25 Mile Challenge

Challenge Begins: December 1, 2021

Challenge Ends: January 9, 2022

Entry Period: November 29 – December 5th

AND…You’ll receive your Wheel Dog Membership FREE!