Wheel Dog Programs

Wheel Dog currently offers three programs for your team to participate in. You are welcome (and encouraged!) to participate in any or all of them.

All of our programs are recreational, and non-competitive in nature. At least when it comes to other teams, we strongly encourage you to push yourself to beat your own records!

Everyone’s teams are different, so we don’t feel cross-team comparisons are very helpful. You and your Jack Russell Terrier may be competing against a team of ten racing bred Husky’s…that’s something the stats don’t tell you.

So never worry about having to keep up with other teams. Just go at your own pace.

All we care about, is that you hit those trails and have fun with your team! 

What Are Our Programs?

Title Program

Our Title Program is a great way to get started. You can begin at any time, and go at your own pace. Log your miles and track your progress towards your first Title using our Checkpoint logging system.

When you qualify for your next Title level we’ll let you know you can apply for your Title certificate and ribbon.

It’s perfect for the team that prefers to go at their own pace.

Challenge Program

Our Challenge Program was created for the person who needs a little more motivation…or who likes a little healthy competition! These are timed events, usually giving you 30-60 days to complete a set number of miles.

Finish within the time limit to earn your medal and Challenge Finisher Prizes.

It isn’t a race, you still set the speed for your time, just get your miles in before the Challenge ends!

If you love showing off your dog’s trophy case, and like to set a goal and push to achieve it – the Challenge program is a great choice for you.

Milestone Program

Our Milestone Program is our free program. You can start at any time, jump into the League and start tracking your miles. We’ll let you know when you hit the next Milestone and send you your digital Milestone badge.