Tired of being left behind?

You know, you don’t have to live vicariously through your mushing friends…you can do it too!

If you're ready to give this mushing stuff a try, you've picked the perfect time to get started!

Wheel Dog is a recreational mushing league where people of all walks of life can share their passion and love of the sport.

From experienced musher, to the beginner putting the harness on the dog for the first time – all are welcome.

We believe that all dogs and owners can benefit from spending more time together on the trail. So, if you have a dog, and you can both walk for a minimum of 30 minutes we’d love to see you in our League! 

Canicross is one of the easiest sports to get started in, so it’s usually what we recommend for new teams. All you need is a harness, bungee line, and waist belt and you’re ready to head down the trails.

But, if canicross isn’t your thing, we welcome teams who participate in skijoring, kicksledding, dog sledding, bikejoring, scooterjoring, and dryland carting.

If your dog can safely pull it, you can play too. 

Round up your beagles, load your retriever in the truck, or borrow the neighbor’s Husky. But, be warned it’s addictive. 

Ready To join the challenge?

Normally $54.94

How Does It Work?

Pretty simple, as soon as you register for the Challenge, you’ll be taken to a page where you can create your Checkpoint account (to log your miles).

Please give us a few days to send you your membership card & verify your Checkpoint account.

As soon as you click to register, we’ll sign you up for the Resolved Challenge, and you’ll be able to start logging your runs with Wheel Dog…just note that the Challenge doesn’t start until December 1.

You’ll see your Checkpoint runs approved almost daily, and every Monday we email out the current Challenge Standings. 

That way you can keep track of how close you are to the finish line!

During the course of the Resolved Challenge (assuming you finish) you’ll also qualify for your first Title (Wheel Dog – Special Designation), and two Milestone Badges.

So, grab your favorite GPS app, your dog, and get ready to hit the trails!

What is included?

You’ll Receive:

  1. Entry in the December Resolved Challenge: Entering a Challenge is the best way to push yourself to get started. With a set deadline, you’re sure to get logging faster…spending more quality time with your dog, and regain a little sanity during a month when we can all use it!
  2. Free Wheel Dog Membership: A membership normally costs $24.97 but to encourage you to get a jump start in December we’re going to waive the membership fee.
  3. Titles & Milestones: If you finish the Challenge (logging your 25 miles before January 9th), you’ll qualify for your Wheel Dog -Special Designation Title, and earn your first two Milestone badges.

All our programs are non-competitive. You aren’t racing against any of the other teams, it’s just you and your team striving to hit that next Title or beat your personal best. 

Sign up for the Resolved Challenge before entries close on December 5th to take advantage of the savings.

Normally costs:

Resolved Challenge $29.97

Lifetime Membership $24.97

Total: $54.94

Until December 5th, you can join for only $26.97