Wheel Dog Rules


With all our events being virtual we’ve kept our rules pretty simple.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • All runs must be logged within “Checkpoint”
  • To log a run you must record a minimum of 1 Mile
  • We require that you submit a photo of a GPS recording of your run (you may use a fitness app on your phone, fitness watch, or any other device which tracks your distance and time) to Checkpoint
  • We review your Checkpoint runs, then once approved you will see them under your “My Team” tab in Checkpoint and can review all your runs, average time, sport totals, and other stats
  • Your team miles are recorded by the Driver, so you can mix-and-match your dogs at any time

Our Challenge program has a few special rules:

  • You may enter more than one Challenge at a time
  • Challenges do not have to be entered or run in any particular order, just pick the one of interest to you
  • If you run in multiple Challenges at one time, your miles will count towards all of your Challenges. You do not have to pick a specific Challenge to apply your miles to
  • To complete a Challenge you must complete the set number of miles within the Challenge Period
  • To log your Challenge miles you simply enter them in the “Checkpoint” system, no special entry or additional recording is needed
  • We currently send out weekly standings updates via email to our Challenge participants letting you know where you are in your Challenge
  • The Challenge Period will be described on the entries, but it typically 1-2 months
  • You may enter the Challenge during the Entry Period, this is typically  one week before the Challenge Period begins, and closes one week after the Challenge Period begins
  • If you do not finish the Challenge within the Challenge Period, you can still finish the Challenge and receive your medal, however you will not receive your Finisher Certificate
  • If you finish your Challenge within the Challenge Period, any Title you finish within that time period will be denoted with a Special Designation

Our Title program has a few special rules:

  • Like other titling organizations, Wheel Dog Titles must be applied for in order (i.e. you cannot “skip” earlier Titles and only apply for your Platinum Title)
  • We will notify you when your team has earned your next Title via email, you can also see what Titles you have Qualified for on your team page
  • When ready you can apply for your Title following the link on your team page, or from the Title page
  • If you have earned a Special Designation Title we record that (you will also see it noted on your team page) and we will be sure to send you the SD Title and ribbon