Ready To Hit The Trails?

Fun Times Await!

If you're ready to dog-power your life, you're in the right place!

Wheel Dog is a recreational mushing league where of all walks of life can share their passion and love of the sport.

From experienced to the beginner putting the harness on the dog for the first time – all are welcome.

We believe that all dogs and owners can benefit from getting out on the trails more with their dogs. So, if you have a dog, and you can walk with your dog for around 30 minutes we’d love to see you in our League! 

Canicross is one of the easiest sports to get started with. All you need is a harness, bungee line, and waist belt and you’re ready to head down the trails.

But, if canicross isn’t your thing, we welcome teams who participate in skijoring, kicksledding, dog sledding, bikejoring, scooterjoring, and dryland carting.

If your dog can safely pull it, you can play too. 

Round up your beagles, load your retriever in the truck, or borrow the neighbor’s Husky. But, be warned it’s addictive. 

Ready To Become A Member?

Lifetime Membership US$24.97

How Does It Work?

Pretty simple, after joining the League you’ll have access to our three main programs: Title, Challenge & Milestone…more on them later.

But, to start with you just have to head out onto the trail with your dog, record your run with your favorite GPS app, submit the run using our Checkpoint logging system. And we take care of the rest.

You pick the trail (all our events are virtual), you pick the speed, you pick how far you’re adventure will go.

We’ll let you know when you’ve qualified for your next Title or Milestone, and where you are in your Challenge. 

We take care of the tracking, you just worry about making it to the trail head.

What are the programs?

We have three main programs that you can choose to participate in:

  1. Title Program: Log your miles, when you hit certain levels we’ll let you know, and you can elect to apply for your Title. This is perfect for the team that prefers to go at their own pace.
  2. Challenge Program: Complete a set number of miles within a certain time limit to finish the Challenge and earn your Challenge Medal. Our entry level Challenge requires you to run 10 Miles in one month. We’re always coming up with new Challenges to keep things exciting, and to date have run Challenges from 10-300 Miles, over 1 -6 months. It’s a great choice for someone who likes to have a goal…and maybe even a little good natured competition.
  3. Milestone Program: This is our free program. All our teams are entered automatically, you simply log your runs, we’ll notify you when you hit certain mile markers and earn your next Milestone Badge.

We believe that you should be in the driver’s seat when it comes to your team, so it’s always your decision what program you want to enter, and whether to apply for Titles. The Title’s must be applied for in order, but you can complete the Challenges in any order you like.

All our programs are non-competitive. You aren’t racing against any of the other teams, it’s just you and your team striving to hit that next Title or beat your personal best. 

Pick up your membership, then decide which of our fun programs you’d like to participate in.

Lifetime Membership US$24.97